Hello, my name is Martyn Amey

I was admitted as a Solicitor in the UK in 1977 which was a big day in my life.

I practiced on my own for over thirty years until I decided to close the practice which I did in 2010.

That was a sad day in my life for the law had been good to me.

If this makes me sound rather wonderful I am the first to admit that I am not and telling you about my hobbies or marital status would bore rather than inspire you. Suffice it to say that I am a real person and that I have made mistakes both in life and professionally. No one can get everything right every time but how we deal with those mistakes is what separates us as human beings.

After nearly forty years in the law I knew it was time for a new set of challenges. I did not want to turn round at 65 or 70 or even older and say that I had been a lawyer all my life. So I started to build theInFocus suite of sites. Each was different but had a common theme of helping people to help themselves.

My initial blogsite grew too big and complicated with trying to organise and categorise all the different topics.But I did learn a lot in the process.

You can read about my internet journey and the Infocus sites "wot I built" in THIS POST which will tell you what mistakes you can avoid. I know cos I made them!

Please look round and enjoy finding out what you can do with a website.