How To Build A Website

Look Behind The Site

All websites are the same but look different. Every website is nothing but a series of boxes and it is for you to choose how many and what goes in each box.

Here is a video of a really basic website to show you.

Download the file here and try it on your own computer. Just open it and you will see the site in your browser.

That is not meant to scare you or suggest that you have to learn how to code in order to run a website. We build our sites with Wordpress and that does all of the coding for you.

Wordpress is a content management system which is used by millions of sites and is very user friendly.

And it's free!

Choosing How The Site Will Look

The layout of a site is called a theme.

What a theme does is to set out various templates of how the boxes are arranged.....the header image at the top and the footer at the bottom.

A sidebar at the right or the left and whether the content area is one, two or more columns.

Some themes have a floating menu that follows the viewer down the page whilst others have a fixed menu.

On this site you will see that most of the pages have no sidebars but all of the posts do. Just a way of breaking things up so that the visitor does not always see the same thing.

So it follows that the theme you choose will determine the layout of your site and how it will look to the viewer.

Wordpress have hundreds of themes to choose from both free and those you have to buy.

As it is your site then you get to choose what you want the site to look like and so having the right theme is rather important.

But as with most things it comes down to a compromise or trade off between all the good things one theme will do and the things you want but the theme will not allow you to do.

For this reason we use a very versatile theme that allows all sorts of things so that we can give you what you want rather than pushing what we have. Learn more here