An ecommerce site usually takes longer to build than a normal site. But what is an ecommerce site?

Any site that sells stuff could be considered an ecommerce site so that will also include membership sites.

So if you are taking money from your visitors then technically that is ecommerce.

That means you need a payment gateway such as paypal to process credit card payments in a secure and safe manner.

That needs to be installed and tested.

Then if you have a shop then each item needs a page so you can see that if you sell 80 items then it takes longer to build those 80 pages than if you only sold 10 items.

Since February 2017 Google Chrome now displays a “not secure” message if any site requires a password or collects payment.And most payment providers now want sites to have a security certificate.

That means that instead of being http:// you have to be https://.

What it means on a practical level is that you have to buy a security certificate which will cost around $10 a year for a basic one.

What it does is put an extra layer of encryption on any information passed by your site to other sites such as paypal.

Converting to an https:// site is a real pain as all of the links are to http:// pages and all of your backlinks are to the http:// site but yes it can be done if you wish us to do it.

Things To Consider When Having An E-Commerce Site



Whatever product you are offering it is essential that you work out how it is to be delivered.

If it is digital then the download area or the membership login must not only be built (and work) but the client has to be notified or redirected to the correct page or portal.

If you are selling physical products then what is your supply and delivery method....whatever it is must be integrated so that everyone knows what is happening

Whatever the system is you must have a support desk/system in place to deal with any queries/complaints that will inevitably arise.Having a FAQ page is always a good idea so that common problems can be explained quickly and easily.



Not only is it a good idea to have a Privacy Policy, you should be aware that in most countries it is now a legal requirement. In addition google will mark you down if you do not have one!

Then if you are selling something then you need Terms and Conditions to set out what your obligations are and what the visitor can expect.

What Warranties are you giving and what are you excluding? A page called Disclaimers must be published or its contents set out in the Terms and conditions....likewise with the Warranties.

And to show that you are indeed real then an About Us page should be written and of course there must be a Contact Us page

If you have physical products then you need to deal with how the shipping works and what it will cost. Then you must also have a Returns/Refund policy

without these pages then you will be at risk. They will protect you and the customer. Leaving them out will cause you to sink in the rankings and may very well put people off from buying from you. It may be that nobody ever reads them but having them is far better than not having them.



There is no point in spending time and effort (or money) in sending people to your site if the processes do not work. The visitor will give up and never come back.

The site must load quickly and be easy to navigate around. The visitor needs to get to what they are first looking for within 2 clicks. Afterwards they may look around the rest of the site but you must make it easy for them.

Make sure that your categories are properly defined. If you are selling shoes then boots should have their own categories. Likewise mens shoes are different from womens shoes.

If you are running a membership site then there will be separate levels. How do they upgrade and why should they....do you describe the benefits and make the upgrade easy?

Whatever your message is then make sure that the process of buying or upgrading is easy......and test it to make sure that it works. Does the shopping Cart explain what is happening.....how is the customer notified....do they get an invoice automatically....are the taxes applied properly...the list goes on.


Things will go wrong from time to time but there should be no excuse for not making sure that your site works and does not upset or frustrate any visitor. So testing it is a good idea before going out to the world.


You may know all this already or it may not yet crossed your mind. There are so many things to think of when selling anything online.

It costs nothing to have a chat on skype and we are not collecting emails so as to bother people who have better things to do. So use the form and hopefully we can help you reach the right decisions.

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