Get The Google Love

get the google love

How Can Google Love You

Apparently Google is used for around 73% of all searches done in the world. It follows that you do not want to upset Google.

Instead you should show Google that you appreciate what they do.

how to get the best from GoogleIf you have a business then you know that Google puts 3 local businesses in the search results. If yours is one of those 3 then you have a better chance of being seen.

You get there by using Google My Business…which is run by Google.

It shows a map of your location on Google Maps…..which is run by Google.

To sign up you need a Google Account so you have to have a gmail address…… and gmail is run by Google

Having a gmail means you also get a Google+ page……. which is run by Google.

And you get a YouTube account…………… which is owned by Google.

Are you starting to see the bigger picture? The more you use Google the better it likes you.

How Google Can Help You

Google has all sorts of tools that help you and Google communicate well. There is a more detailed post about Google Tools here.

You start with Google Webmaster Tools which will give you all sorts of information about how search engines see your site.

You have to verify that you own the site which you do by downloading a file from Google and putting it in the public.html file on the server.

This file simply has the account number of your webmaster tools account. The bots read it and confirm that you are indeed the owner of that site.

Using Webmaster tools you can choose which version you want to display and thereby keep all of the link juice for the one site.

From the tools you can link your Google analytics account which will give you the number, demographics and behaviour of visitors to your site.

If Google is having a problem reading anything on your site then they tell you about it so that you can fix it.

Likewise if your site has been hacked it will tell you.

You can also check your structured data…which is the info that is shown in the search engine results.

This will also show if your schema entries are being collected and rendered properly.

And as mobile is so important these days they have a tool that tests whether your site is mobile friendly.

Google wont exactly ignore you if you miss out on all of these but it will help you if you use all of them.

So let us help you to get the Google Love.

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