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So What is Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is one of those terms that everyone uses but is never really defined or understood. Everyone will tell you that using social bookmarking for business promotion and brand awareness is not only good but essential……but they dont tell you what it actually is.

social bookmarkingTo me it means the type of footprints you leave on the web but that does not sound as sexy as “Social Bookmarking”.

Lets say that you are a hot dog seller and your pitch is at a football stadium.

Do you do more business on a match day or on the days when no game is being played?

Obviously the number of visitors is far greater on a match day and so you turn up a couple of hours before the match starts. That way you are seen by lots of people and some of them will want a hot dog.

If you turn up when there is no game then there are no people to see you and so you sell nothing.

Your business may have the greatest product or service but if no one knows you exist then you will do no business at all. So you need to get your business into the eyes of the most people who want what you have to offer.

You do that by leaving the right footprints on the web in the places where the people go.

How Do I Find The Audience?

Whatever your business is it offers a solution to what someone wants or needs. You exist to solve their problem. So where do people with that problem go for information about how to solve it?

The obvious place to start is the search engine. So is your site appearing on the first or second page of Google….for we all know that people seldom go beyond the second or maybe third page of the results.

If your site is languishing at a position that is 1 or 2 hundred places (or even more) off the first page then the chances are that nobody will ever see your site listing.

So improving your Search Engine Result Position (SERP) will obviously improve your chances of being seen by the visitors that want what you have to offer.

Social Bookmarking is a great way of doing this.

You Must Leave Footprints

The more footprints you leave then the better your chances are of attracting visitors to your site which then gives you the chance to convert them into customers.

If you have not yet read the article on how its all connected then please do as this will all make more sense.

Using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram is only part of the overall strategy. They will each be effective in their way but your efforts will benefit enormously from using bookmarking sites to catch or encourage visitors to visit one of your business pages or even better to go to your site.

What are Bookmarking Sites

Your browser has a Favourites button. When opened you get a list of the sites you like to visit regularly and it saves you from having to remember the address.

People want to know what is new or what is happening on topics they are interested in. Sites like Stumbleupon and Digg are basically just lists of sites organised into topics.

By putting your information on such sites people who are interested in your message can find you and more importantly tell others about you by sharing your information with their friends.

By being on such a site the search engines will pick up the link to your site and view that as a “vote” for your site. The more votes you get then the higher you rank in SERPs.

But what really impresses the search engines is how much “buzz” or chatter there is about your site. The more shares/likes/plusses/retweets your site gets then the more popular your site is in the eyes of the search engines.

The more popular you are then the higher your position in the Serps.

How Do I Go Viral

I wish I knew but nobody does.post going viral


The idea is that if one person has say 20 friends on Facebook and shares your post to all of them then if they also have 20 friends each and share it as well then the reach has gone from 1 to 420.

Exponentially you quickly get into the millions. That is what going viral means.

This video I came across about 2 months after it went up and from memory at that time it had had about 3 million views.

At the time of writing this it has had over 31 million. A great example of a viral post.

I still get a tingle watching it.

In fact I even wrote an article on social intelligence that uses it.(the site is down at present waiting for me to update it!)

I was recently asked for advice on how to build an “authority” site i.e. a site that the search engines think is the most relevant for a particular topic.

In the same way that you cannot decide what will go viral no one can build an authority site. The public decides what they like and what they will share….and different people like different things. All you can do is to get your message in front of as many eyes as possible.

This is why social bookmarking should be part of your social media strategy. It gets you noticed.

Where To Start With Social Bookmarking

You have to decide where best to leave footprints. Some such as Google My Business are obvious but if you sell meat then it would not be wise to be on a site for vegetarians.

Online directories are good for leaving footprints and you can watch some videos on how to get listed on this page. But not every directory will be right for your business…just as not every bookmarking site will be good for you.

Adopting a shotgun approach will give you lots of footprints but will they work for you or against you. Appearing on a spammy site will mark you down. The trick is to get the right footprints.

I started by asking “So what is social bookmarking?” Well my understanding is that votes, backlinks,footprints all mean the same thing and the term Social Bookmarking simply means getting them by using Social Media.

If you want to learn more about using social bookmarking for business marketing then use the form on the Contact Page  and we can talk it through.

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