You would have thought that having a website for a business was both obvious and straightforward.

In fact it is one of the most difficult decisions the Business has to make as a website can hurt a business more than help it.

These days people want to check you out before doing business with you and so they look you up online.

Your site has taken over from the business card as it will say far more about you and your business than any card could convey.

And just as every business is different so must the style and message in a business website differ from business to business.

The message of a Local Business will be different from that of one that is available across the nation.

So the first thing to establish is what is your message?

Now that sounds very simple. You want people to buy your goods or use your services.They obviously have a need you can satisfy or why are they looking at your site?

Do you have just a "pamphlet" site? All it says is "This is Me....This is what I have/do.....I am wonderful and this is how you contact /find me".

Nothing wrong with that but what message does it send out as all it is doing is talking about you.

The only value given to the visitor is information on how to contact you. Once they have that why would they ever return to your site?

The biggest mistake that most businesses make is that think that it is "their" website when in fact it exists for the benefit of the visitor.

So are you giving the visitor what they are looking for and are you helping them by giving them relevant information?

Things To Consider When Planning A Local Business Site



We all use the internet so stop being a business owner for a moment and be yourself. Which sites do you like...why do you like them....why do you go back to them.

Have a look at your competitors sites....does yours look just the same....what is different.....how does it make you feel?

What message are they trying to put across and did it reach/make sense to you?

Did they give any value apart from telling you who they are and how to contact them?

Did any of them have a Unique Selling Point or was it just the usual "we are honest,punctual,trustworthy,give guarantees" all of which most people take for granted anyway....no one wants to do business with lazy crooks who lie, now do they?

This is why we talk it though with you and make sure you make the choices that will get your message across effectively.

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Not only is it a good idea to have a Privacy Policy, you should be aware that in most countries it is now a legal requirement. In addition google will mark you down if you do not have one!

Then you need Terms and Conditions to set out what your obligations are and what the visitor can expect.

What are you excluding? If you write about health matters then you must say that the contents are for information purposes only and that advice from a Medical Practitioner must be sought. A page called Disclaimers must be published or its contents set out in the Terms and conditions.

And to show that you are indeed real then an About Us page should be written and of course there must be a Contact Us page

The sort of content of these types of pages can be seen on this site. All pretty boring but necessary.

Without these pages then you will be at risk. They will protect you and the Visitor. Leaving them out will cause you to sink in the rankings and may very well put people off from believing you. It may be that nobody ever reads them but having them is far better than not having them.



There is no point in spending time and effort (or money) in building a great website if nobody ever visits it. You need visitors who are interested in whatever topic you are writing about or offering.

And you want them to come back often and tell their friends about you.

So you need a site that loads quickly, is easy to navigate and which looks good and is easy to read on a desktop, tablet or phone.

And you need content that the visitor wants to read.

There are many ways of getting visitors but the two main ones are from search engines and via Social Media. You can learn how to write content in a way that grabs the search engines here and there are many posts in our Blog about using Social Media which you will find useful.

And you should read the article about Google Love to get an idea as to what you MUST do in order to give your site the best chance of being seen in the Map Pack and search results.


You may know all this already or it may not yet crossed your mind. There are so many things to think of when setting up a Business Website.

It costs nothing to have a chat on skype and we are not collecting emails so as to bother people who have better things to do. So use the form and hopefully we can help you reach the right decisions.

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