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Having sorted the domain name and the hosting you have now installed WordPress and chosen a theme.
You should then think about doing backend stuff and what order it is done in.

By backend we mean behind the scenes technical stuff that sounds a lot worse …and difficult …than it actually is.

protect your websiteThese are the plugins that we use on every site and the reasons why.

If you want detailed information about what each does then there is a link taking you to the description page. Here we just give you the overview.

The first thing is to protect the site from hackers. This is done using Wordfence a free tool or plugin from WP.

Because WordPress is used by so many sites it becomes a taget for the hackers. They try to exploit any weakness in the coding to get into the site and leave worms or viruses.

Wordfence prevents this in so many ways. You can read about it here

There are many plugins that offer protection but this is the easiest one to use.


Images Can Slow Down Your Site

The bigger the image size then the longer it takes for a browser to download them. So by reducing the size the page will load quicker.

There are a couple of plugins that will help here.

First is Smushit which simply compresses the image. A 1mb image will take longer to load than one that is only 600kb.

The next is LazyLoad which will only download images as the visitor scrolls down the page. This saves loading time as normally the browser downloads the whole page in one go and does not render the site until it has all of the information.

Then there is W3 TotalCache which does all sorts of “techy” things to the way the information about your site is sent to the browser of the visitor. The effect is that the site loads quicker.

SEO Done For You

You want your site to appear in the SERPS…Search Engine Results Pages….so you need to help the search engine bots learn what your site is all about.

AllInOne SEO will be helpful in getting your site friendly to search engines and social media by setting the open graph details correctly thus ensuring your social posts load properly.

You will want schema on every page and image which tells the search engines everything about your business…address,opening hours,phone,email,location etc. Google loves schema!

You can read more about Schema in this post.

Is Anyone Visiting The Site

You will want to see who is coming to the site and so NewStatPress will give you the information as to how many and when.It is useful but not as detailed as Google Analytics which takes time to learn and understand.

Linking Google Analytics to your site will allow you to track visitor behaviour and see the time they spend on each page. you will also see the demographics of the visitors.

In fact it gives you so much information that you can spend far too much time just reading it! Thats why NewStatPress is used as it gives a simple snapshot and is much quicker.

Let The Search Engines Know About Your Site

When the site is ready to go live with all the content properly optimised then the site must be linked to Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster.

This is fairly simple as all you have to do is verify that you own the site. This is done by downloading a file from each of them and putting it on your site files.

Then you upload to each of them a sitemap, a mobile sitemap, an image sitemap and a videos sitemap.

Yes the robots will eventually find everything on your site but this speeds up the process and shows them how helpful you are.

Now read the list of what is done to link your site across the web here

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