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How To Please The Search Engines

Pretty sure that if you run a business then your inbox like ours will get dozens of emails promising that these people will get your site onto the first page of google.

Actually its not that difficult.

If you had the domain then anyone searching for xdep49jup will see your site at the top of the results.

But who searches for such a name?

As a real example we have a training site and invite you to search marzoffler.

relevant content for what people search forThat is a name that nobody would use in a search unless they knew of its existence and wanted to find it.

But we are first on google for anyone searching for it!

To understand the reason why, you have to remember that google is all about relevance. It exists to give the searcher the most relevant results for what the searcher is looking for.



Why SEO Is Necessary

If you live in London and want a plumber then you do not want results showing hairdressers in Glasgow.

So it follows that in order to rank in google you need to have a site that is RELEVANT to what any searcher is looking for.

This is the driving force behind Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and there is a whole industry of experts who will convince you that by using their strategies then your site will rocket up the rankings…….and ask you for lots of money for working their magic.

Checklist For SEO What You Write

But there is much that you can do yourself. All it takes is getting into the habit of doing certain things whenever putting up a page or a post.

1. Make sure that the article has at least 500 words. A thousand is better
2. Have a relevant image for every 350 words and ensure that the alt tags contain the keyword. Search engines cannot see an image so need the alt tags to understand what the image is about.
3. Have a relevant video from youtube
4. Put keyword in the first and last 100 words
5. Learn about LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing….which means that if your article was about Lawn Care you would use relevant terms like lawn mower, types of grass, fertiliser, moss problem etc)
6. Bold, underline and italicise a phrase containing the keyword…thats 3 times not all in one.
7. Have a link to a relevant page on your site
8. Have a link to an external site relevant to the topic…wikipaedia is often used.
9. Have a keyword density of around 1.5%
10. People will scan read the article so avoid long paragraphs
11. Use the title tags properly….h2 for subject topic followed by h3 for sub topic then h4 for sub-sub topic. When starting a new Topic use h2 as before.
12. Make sure your google plus authorship is included

Will this guarantee success with Google? Honest answer is who knows….but giving google what it wants is always the better solution.

Is Doing This Essential?

The eagle eyed amongst you may notice that on this site I do not appear to always practice what I preach.

Not every page or post follows the guidelines above.

But that is a conscious decision on my part as I know that I will never rank for the keywords relevant to this article or indeed for this site as a whole.

Instead I have used different methods to get people to the site and then present them with good information written ( I hope) in a way that makes sense and is easy to read.

So I am trying to appeal to the few rather than the many and as my ideas catch on my search engine positions will improve.

Indeed I have one site that has no SEO as such but gets about 2000 visitors a month. That site is for an indelicate problem that never appears in social media but relates to a specific problem.

The content on that site is particularly relevant so my strategy there is based on the architecture of the site rather than on simply chasing keywords.

I mention it as an example of why one needs to understand how it all works before embarking on any specific strategy.

What Else Is Necessary?

Having dealt with optimisation the next step is to get backlinks. They are links to your site from other sites and are considered to be votes of confidence. The more backlinks in googles eyes the more popular your site is.

But you must be careful.

A backlink from a site about plumbing is not relevant to a site about dentists.

But putting your content onto youtube, vimeo, slideshare, facebook, reddit, pinterest, etc will not only increase exposure but will also give good backlinks.

And yes we can do all of this for you….but it all starts with a chat. Use the form on the Contact Page and lets see what you want.

My thanks for reading….and as always,please click the button if you like what you have read

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