Strategy verses Tactics For Social Media

types of social media

What is a Social Media Strategy

The easy answer is of course a strategy for social media but the real answer is much more complex. The truth is that social media is a pain and getting to grips with a social media strategy is an even bigger pain as it makes you ask questions that usually have no answers.

So you end up guessing.

types of social mediaWhen I started in business a website was where a spider lived and meeting new people was at a social event.

You could see who you were talking to and something inside you said that this person was interesting and that person was to be avoided at all costs.

Nowadays if you don’t have a website people think your business can’t be any good and if you are not networking through Facebook etc then you have something to hide.

In February 2015 I looked at a lawyer’s website. It had a page called “Latest News”.

When I went to that page it explained that there was new employment legislation coming out that would affect most businesses. It would become law in April 2013.

They had links to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so I had a look at each.

On Facebook they had 127 likes and the last entry was December 2013.

The Twitter page showed that no tweets had ever been sent and they had no followers.

The G+ page had 2 followers and only 1 post which was made in December 2013.

If that firm had a strategy then it looks like it had failed.

Look After Your Audience

If a plant does not get water then it dies. If a business is too busy to look after its internet presence then it tells people that if this firm cannot be bothered about its own business…… what will it do for you as a customer?

These days people like to check you out before they do business with you.

So they look on the internet and see your site and/or then look on one of the social media sites to see if you are there and if so what people are saying about you.

I am sure you do the same when shopping on amazon by reading the reviews or when looking for some service provider like a plumber or taxi firm in your area.

If you do not like what you see or read then you move on. So will they!

The question is therefore whether this is happening to your business?

If you have no plan for how your business appears in social media (and by social media I mean the internet) then will you be doing more harm to your business than good by doing nothing or, even worse,the wrong thing?

No Universal Strategy

Search for them on YouTube, Facebook,Twitter and Google+ and see what they are doing (if anything). By doing this you learn what you can do and what you should not do.

This wonderful cartoon really sums it all up.

the problem with social media

The accounts are all open but nobody knows what to do next. Before you embark on shaping your web presence you need to decide what you are trying to achieve and then figure out how you are going to get there.

The SMARTER way to develop a Social Media Strategy

This is a nmonic and stands for
Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time Bound Evaluate Review

and can be explained as follows:

Specific goals are precise and clear, rather than overly broad or ambiguous. They answer questions like: who is involved, what do I want to accomplish, where must this be done, when should it be performed. For example, “Join a health club and workout 3 days per week,” versus, “Get in shape.”

Measurable goals are quantifiable: in other words, you can establish concrete criteria for measuring your progress toward the attainment of each goal you set. Be able to answer questions such as: how much, how many, how will I know when it is accomplished?

Achievable goals meet the common sense test that they require a change in current practices or behaviour to be achievable. You figure out ways to accomplish your goals by developing the attitudes, abilities, skills and financial capacity to reach them.

Realistic goals represent objectives toward which you are both willing and able to work. A goal can be both high and realistic. The test for “realistic” is a careful study of the past to know what is a “stretch” goal and what is wildly and unreasonably optimistic. You must truly believe that it can be accomplished.

Time bound goals have an end point that can be found on a calendar. Time frames tied to your goals provide a sense of urgency to help motivate you.

Evaluate goals regularly and adjust them as needed to account for changes in family or job responsibilities or availability of resources.

Review – After the evaluation process see if you are on target. If not what needs changing? Can it be changed? Are the goals too optimistic? Do what is necessary even if it means starting again.

Are You Still With Me?

I did start off by saying that social media was a pain. And all you want is to do the right thing for your business so that you get more customers.

But is Twitter the right way to go?

Or perhaps Instagram suits your type of product.

Do you need a Facebook page as well as a Google+ or vice versa.

What about a YouTube Channel?

And is your website set up properly so that visitors have a reason to come back?

Your offsite social media campaigns may succeed in sending people to your website but if they hate it then it has all been a waste of time and energy.

You will find on this site articles that (hopefully) will give you the background information that will help you start to understand the questions that you need to ask yourself as nobody knows your business as well as you do.

Which platform will you use….who will run it….what will it cost the business…..what constitutes a success. These are just the basics that you must consider.

But before you actually start anything you will also need to develop a Social Media Policy in order to protect yourself,your staff and your business. Click the link to read more.

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Secrets Of Social Media Marketing Strategy 2015(Expert Opinion)

More Details
Did you understand social networks is the top day-to-day task amongst Americans, covering time invested in e-mail and also Google?
Social network allows as well as simply growing. You are most likely missing out on a big piece of your target customers if you are not marketing on it.

Social media site Marketing Strategy Create a Game Plan & Stick to It. Your material is most likely going to drop with the damages if you have no implementation method. Establish a limitation on the amount of tweets you need to release each day. This number can be changed as required, yet having a number you need to attack, also something as little as 4 tweets every day, offers you a standard as well as an objective at least.

For those of you which have allow your social stations create webs and also roaches over the past year, right here are 6 social media sites techniques to take command of your social networks as well as offer them a significantly required face lift in the New Year.

Social network Marketing Strategy: Treat each stations as a specific company

Each social stations should be dealt with as a different company. There can be material that is spread out throughout all stations-- as an example if your company was just recently obtained by a worldwide firm, this is most likely information you intend to discuss across the board, yet you need to change your method depending upon the viewers for that stations.

LinkedIn often tends to have a much more business-focused viewers looking for comprehensive, academic material, contrasted to Instagram, which is most likely to have a viewers looking for involving aesthetic material. Focus on your fan market on each network to release material that interest them.

Social network Marketing Strategy: Embrace incidents.
This is particularly real when it comes to the busy global of social media. I am not claiming that when a comma is missed out on in a tweet you need to reveal this little grammar mistake, yet DO NOT remove the tweet. For bigger blunders, like an item mistake or numerous overcharges to consumer credit rating cards, you'll desire to proactively react in an apologetic, workable fashion, as well as send out material from your social accounts attending to as well as saying sorry exactly how the mistake is being dealt with so clients are mindful.

Social media site Marketing Strategy:
Right here are some statistics to concentrate on: number of articles, fan development, clicks to your site/products, pageviews, blog post discusses or suches as, perceptions, and so on. Look at each stations independently, and also contrast to your biggest rivals to obtain a feeling on just how you're matching up (or exactly how you're CRUSHING them!).

Google+ Marketing Strategies.

A great deal could be tracked making use of complimentary social media devices like, Google Analytics, as well as Hootsuite. Look for typical styles in your evaluation, for instance if suggestions articles with numbers in the title do incredibly on Facebook after that up these on that system.

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