Video Testimonials

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

.......But A Video Is Better

We all know that the best recommendation comes from word of mouth. Friends tell friends who tell friends .....and so on.

But being online means that people will check you out first and what better way to build trust than to have members of the public telling others about what you do and how you do it.

The problem is that even if your customer had a great experience with your product or service, people are just too busy today to drop everything they are doing and do something for you.

This is what is usually involved;

What If There Was An Easier Way?

Well.....Now There Is

First you encourage them with some sort of incentive.....better known as a offering a free book or a voucher or a coupon code that will give them a discount on their next purchase from you or when they next use your services.

Then all you do is give them a link and the software takes over.

They fill in their name, write a review, give you stars and record a video

Then they Click Submit and get sent an email giving them your link to the incentive you have promised.

We then send you the code to embed on your site and the review looks like this

Or, if you prefer it , without the ratings which just shows the video.

And Yes it can be done from a phone or tablet!

Embedding video on your website is proven to increase organic traffic from Google by 157% and videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined!

With this software, you can share your video testimonials in just a few clicks to Facebook and YouTube to rake in free traffic.

Ask people who come to your Facebook Page to review you product or service and get a discount or promise prizes to the best on done that month.

Look At The Process Yourself

To see what is involved GO HERE and try it out.Then you will see what your customers see and discover just how easy it is.

You dont have to give a real name or email and you dont have to click the submit button.The invitation is to look at the process yourself and is not a sneaky way of getting a review for this site.

So Here Is Our Shameless Bribe

This is a new Service that we are offering and it would be nice to practice what we preach.We want to put up reviews from those we have helped so that folk can see that we are real and can be trusted.

To begin with it will be a tiered service based on the number of reviews you get and what you want done for you i.e. we just send you the code and you embed it or we embed for you on your site and more if you want it put up for you on YouTube and Facebook.

You get lots of Google Love if your reviews are on YouTube! That means better ranking in the results and more visitors.

Eventually the service will be put onto a monthly fixed fee because fresh reviews are what Google and the site visitors want to see.People are suspicious of reviews that are over 3-6 months old. They ask themselves why nobody has anything to say now when in the past they thought it good. "What has changed?" they think.

So for the first 10 of you that use the form on the right we will give the top service.....embedding, YouTube and Facebook/Google+......for 5 reviews for free.

After which we will politely ask for,but not insist upon, an honest review.

Use the form now to get started. Look out for an email from us setting out what we need from what your incentive will be.

Want Your Shameless Bribe

Want Your Shameless Bribe

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