What Is A Website

There are three parts to having a website namely the domain, hosting and the site itself.

The domain is the name of the site e.g. mysite.com

Hosting is where the site is built and stored and the site is the information you put on the web.

Think of it like a house built in a field.

The House is the website

The field is the hosting and the domain is the address so that people can find you.

Where Can I Buy A Domain Name

You can buy a domain name from a Registrar such as GoDaddy or Namecheap and the price is anything from $5 to $20 a year.

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Does it Matter Where The Hosting Is

When you have chosen your hosting then you simply tell the Registrar to point the domain to the hosting company server.

The hosting can be anywhere in the world so it is not unusual for a .co.uk domain to be hosted in America or Canada or for a .com site to be hosted in Singapore.

As Google is mad about local though it is thought to be a positive (but not a negative) for a .co.uk site to be hosted in the UK and a .fr site to be hosted in France etc.

And just to make matters more interesting not all of the big Hosting companies are Registrars for every country. As an example JustHost is not a Registrar for .co.uk domains but they do have a reseller agreement with a Registrar who can.

So you can buy a .co.uk domain from JustHost but it may cost a bit more as they are making a commission from Nominet who are the Registrars.

Should I buy A Dot Com

Do you need a .com?

They are more expensive than a .org or a .net or a .co.uk and so you need to think whether you actually need a .com.

If you have a blog or something that will be relevant to everyone in the world then a .com is the way to go.

But if you are a pizza parlour in a small city then you are only relevant to those in that city so a .com is unnecessary.

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