What Next

Rather than write an article about this we have instead set out the obvious questions and have answered them.

If we have missed any or you need more information then use the form at the bottom.

And when we write to you it will be from our private gmail account and not from this site. So far this is all a bit impersonal and we want you to know that we are real people and will write to you as such.We are here for the long term and can always be reached on the private gmail address.

Do You Provide The SSL Certificate?

We do not sell certificates so have to answer this in 3 parts

First we check to see if your Hosting is approved by Letsencrypt. If it is we install the free certificate

Second if your Host is not approved we can install a different free certificate but it only lasts for 3 months. It is free to renew and we will reinstall twice for you as part of our service to you.

Third you can supply the certificate. You can buy one at namecheap who always have some special offers on. Click Here to see what they have. The Positive,Essential or Instant should be sufficient to cover your needs. But feel free to shop around and please dont give up because you find it too confusing!!

We get no commission if you buy from namecheap and have only mentioned them to give you a starting point.

If you are going to buy a certificate then please tell us in the message box below. When we receive your completed form we will write to you to confirm things anyway and so you will have our email address. Then when you have the 3 parts of the certificate you can copy and paste them to us by email.

So All I Will Pay You For Is The Installation of The Certificate?

Yes but the service we provide does include the technical changes necessary to keep your site working properly

How Long Will It Take?

Depending on how busy we are it should all be done within 24 hours of us getting access and the certificate from you if you choose not to have a free one.

What Will It Cost?

If you are in the UK the price is £74.99

If you are in europe it is €85.00

And for the rest of the world it is $97

But whatever the currency you do not pay anything until the job is done.

When it is we will send you a report and a link for you to pay via Paypal

We appreciate that you do not know us and why should you risk sending money to total strangers who might keep it and do nothing.

So we take the risk that you will have the work done and decide not to pay. Why? Well, like you,we want happy customers who will then tell their friends about our services. If you are happy with the service then we trust you to pay.

What Else Do You Need?

We need access to your cpanel so we want the login details for your Hosting Service

Your Hosting Service will be someone like GoDaddy or Hostgator or 123, or namecheap etc. You will be paying them either a monthly or an annual fee. If you remain uncertain then just enter 1 into the relevant box below and tell us in the messages box that you are unsure. We will then try to find your Hosting Provider and when we do, will come back to you so that you can ask them for your logins.

We also need the login details for the wordpress dashboard. There are options for you to choose from in the form below and as we are https then the information is secure. If you are uncertain about your login details or you are unsure as to how to add a new user as an administrator then just choose the third option.

We Want To Be HTTPS

We Want To Be HTTPS

Your personal information is only requested so that we may reply to your message. Please review our Privacy Notice to see what data is collected.