You Must Leave Footprints On The Web

leave footprints on the web

Power of Online Directories

They Promote Your Local Company Online And Offline

Nowadays, most people search online for services instead of reaching for the telephone directory. They search with a generic term like Plumbers or Doctors or Drain Cleaners and up comes the Google Map Pack followed by lots of online directories that have a list of businesses that qualify.

google map packSo if your business is not listed then how will people know how good your business is?

Or are you happy with or do not care about your online presence?

Does your website have lots of eager happy visitors or does it languish on page 8 of Google where nobody looks.

Your Website is your best advertising tool and yet many business owners ignore their website because they do not understand it or why they even have one. Consequently it becomes no more than a pamphlet that says “This is where we are”

And yet businesses are run by people and as such they themselves use the internet themselves to look for solutions to their problem…I need a plumber…a taxi…a new dress…a restaurant…..what films are on…how much is a new car….where do I find…etc.

And if they go to a boring or unhelpful website then they are gone within 10 seconds and will never come back.

Have you looked at your website as a visitor rather than as an owner? Would you ever go back to your website? Was it at all helpful?

A good website is popular. It gives people what they are looking for and in the process they begin to trust you and your message gains credibility.

Being popular online means that people like you and other websites like you. When another website recommends you your website gets a link from that referring website.

The search engines view that link as a vote of confidence……so the more links you have the more popular Google thinks you are.

These are your “footprints” that you leave all over the web to show that you are involved in and have a web presence.

These footprints make your site an authority for whatever you are saying or selling on your site and so you start to climb the search engine results until you reach the top. Then everyone who wants what you have will see your site on the first page and visit you.

Online directories are a way of giving you those extra votes.

Submissions To Directories

Links from directories are some of the most important links you can get. There are thousands of online directory sites, but some are more substantial than others.

Likewise there are some spammy directories that will actually harm your site if they give you a link. So it is always better to start with the big ones….Yelp, Yellow Pages etc.

Your listing as a bare minimum needs to include your name, street address, postal code, contact number, and five-digit zip code.Usually you can (and should) expand upon your details with info like opening hours, accesability etc and some info about your business approach.

Two of the main advantages of submitting your website to directories are

  • One-way links. These links are more valuable than mutual links.
  • Qualified clients consistently see your listing.

When you look for backlinks to your site you can also contact other local companies. A noncompeting local business may have an interest in exchanging backlinks with you.But be careful as if you are a dentist then having a link from a massage parlour would not be as good as having a link from a chemist.

If you belong to your local chamber of commerce, request a link from their web site.

Submit Your Website to Industry Websites and Specialized Directories

Because a link from an appropriate or relevant site is more useful than one from a website that has no connection with your trade, links from industry websites and specialized directory sites are highly important.

If your company belongs to any trade associations then ask them for a link to your site. The more links you acquire from such sites, the more likely your site will be considered as an authority website.

Some will charge a fee for giving you a link but many will do it for free. The code you need to send them is as follows

<a href=” us/” >anchor text</a>

You put the url of the page of your site you want people to go to and change “anchor text” to whatever you want to say…Click Here…Visit Us.

The link words (called anchor text)change colour so as to show people it is a link. Like this. You can have as many words as you like but too many just look silly……..

Facebook lets you segment your ads by hours and days, if you choose lifetime budget. It isn’t available with daily budget. This is why businesses seldom use this feature. Lifetime budget is the total budget of your ad set and it does not have a daily limit. If there is no established performance pattern for the campaign that already has a proven track record this is not a setting you want to play with. If you want to set up day/hour parting go to Budget and Schedule under Ad Set, then choose scheduling for your ad.

Not great anchor text is it?

Improve Your Online Presence the Easy Way

Directory sites do your advertising for you and aim to provide you with a continuous stream of visitors.

At least that is the idea but the footprint is what you want and the more footprints the better…..cos thats how people find you!

Some will charge or will offer a free listing with the choice of an upgrade if you pay.

You can find out how to do all this yourself by watching the over the shoulder videos on THIS PAGE …And you get some free books to read as well! Hope you enjoy them.

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